Oil & Fat Soluble Dyestuff (Orimax)

ORIMAX COLORS are dyestuffs having excellent solubility in a variety of solvents, synthetic resins and oils. They keep their brilliant color shade in varieties of application.

Metal Complex Dyestuff (Oriko)

ORIKO COLORS are metal complex dye which have good solubility, brilliant color shade in a wide range of organic solvents and excellent light fastness.

Liquid Metal Complex Dyestuff (Orikosol)

ORIKOSOL COLORS are liquid form of metal complex dyestuff with convenience in coloring work. They are divided to M and E type according to solvent. E type is an eco-friendly liquid dye using an alcohol-based solvent.


PLAMAX COLORS have developed for coloring plastic products, and have good solubility in a number of thermoplastics during processing. They form molecular solutions which are stable in the dyed thermoplastics. Thus, one of the most important applications for these dyestuffs is the transparent dyeing of glass-clear thermoplastics.


NIGROSINE, azine compound made from aniline and nitrobenzene, has been used as organic black dyestuff for a long period. Nigrosine is divided to water soluble and solvent soluble.